Meetings and Minutes

There is a meeting most months, and these are online for now. It is usually held on the SECOND Monday at 7pm at the Belvedere Hotel, and all members are welcome. However arrangements are subject to change and you should contact a member of the committee or check with the facebook page to confirm the venue and time, or get an online invite.


Minutes / Documents

AGM - 

Mon 26th March 2018

AGM Minutes 26mar18


Annual accounts 31dec17


Guidance notes for monthly meetings

Mon  8th May

Minutes 08may18

Mon 4th June

Minutes 04jun18

Mon 2nd July

Minutes 02jul18

Mon 6th Aug

Minutes 06aug18

Mon 3rd Sep

Minutes 03sep18

Mon 1st Oct

Minutes 08oct18

Mon 5th Nov

Minutes 05nov18

Mon 3rd Dec

Minutes 03dec18

Mon 4th February 2019   Minutes 04feb19
Mon 4th March   Minutes 04mar19
AGM - Monday 1st April   Minutes 01apr19
 Mon 13th May   Minutes 13may19
 Mon 10th June   Minutes 10jun19
Mon 8th July   Minutes 08jul19
Mon 12th August   Minutes 19aug19
Mon 9th September   Minutes 09sep19
Mon 14th October   Minutes 14oct19
Mon 11th November   Minutes 11nov19
Mon 9th December (optional)   Cancelled
Mon 13th January 2020   Minutes 13jan20





February 10th  Dawn Black Jim Wands Minutes 10feb20
March 9th (AGM) Jim Wands Lesley Leslie Minutes 9mar20 (AGM)
April 13th Lesley Leslie Steve McQueen Minutes 22apr20
May 11th Steve Mcqueen Sheila Howarth Minutes 11may20 
June 8th Sheila Howarth Jennifer Davidson Minutes 06jun20
July 13th Jennifer Davidson Ian Philip Minutes 13jul20
August 10th Ian Philip Dawn Black Minutes 10aug20
September 14th Dawn Black Sheila Howarth Minutes 12sep20
October 12th Sheila Howarth Jim Wands Cancelled
November 9th Jim Wands Ian Philip Minutes 09nov20
December 14th ( Optional) Ian Philip Steve McQueen

Minutes 14dec20

January 12th 2021 Steve Mcqueen Dawn Black  Cancelled


Date Chair Secretary Documents
08 Feb 21 Leslie Leslie Charlie Sands Minutes 08feb21
08 Mar Charlie Sands Ian Philip Minutes 08mar21
12 Apr Ian Philip Jennifer Davidson Minutes 12apr21
10 May  Jim Wands  Lesley Leslie Minutes 10may21
14 Jun  Lesley Leslie  Steve McQueen

Minutes 14jun21

12 Jul  Meeting postponed    
09 Aug  Steve McQueen  Dawn Black Minutes 09aug21
13 Sep  Dawn Black  Lesley Leslie Minutes 13sep21
11 Oct  Lesley Leslie  Sheila Howarth Minutes 11oct21
08 Nov  Sheila Howarth  Charlie Sands Minutes 08nov21
13 Dec (?)  Cancelled    


2022 Dates Chair Secretary Documents
14 Feb Charlie Sands Ian Philip  Minutes 14feb22
14 Mar Ian Philip Lesley Leslie  Minutes 14mar22
11 Apr Lesley Leslie Steve McQueen  Agenda 11Apr22
09 May Steve McQueen Jennifer Davidson  
13 Jun Jennifer Davidson Dawn Black  
11 Jul Dawn Black Charlie Sands  
08 Aug Charlie Sands Ian Philip  
12 Sep Ian Philip Lesley Leslie  
10 Oct Lesley Leslie Steve McQueen  
14 Nov Steve McQueen Jennifer Davidson  
12 Dec Jennifer Davidson Dawn Black  



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