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Prince Harry

Prince Harry to encourage, empower and engage at Mackie

Rumours have been sweeping the town for a while now, and we are delighted to officially hear that Prince Harry is to visit Mackie Academy on Tuesday 20th September.

The Diana Award is a legacy to Princess Diana’s belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better. "We identify and develop young people, then engage them in social action."

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The Diana Award mentoring programme provides day long training to strengthen mentoring schemes within both primary and secondary schools. A team of Diana Peer Mentors support and mentor a group of younger students, including the creation and delivery of a community based project.  As a result of the day students will gain:

  • An understanding of what social action is and the importance of it
  • The skills to engage and support a group of mentees
  • Leadership skills and confidence to lead and empower a group of students
  • The skills to create and develop a project that benefits the local and/or global community
  • The ability to further the skills of their mentees

“Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back”  – Princess Diana

The Diana Award sets out to do three things

  • encourage young people to contribute to their communities
  • empower young people to make a difference and achieve their full potential
  • engage young people in programmes that allows them to make a difference through social action

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As well as the schools mentoring programme, there is a My Mentor Business Scheme which aims to:

  • Train employees to become effective mentors and role models to young people within their community
  • Train employees to become effective mentors within their organisations
  • Give employees the skills to initiate campaigns within their organisation to raise the profile of mentoring, its value and encourage more people to become mentors
  • Provide organisations with the tools and resources to strengthen their mentoring schemes
  • Forge partnerships between businesses and schools in their local community

Are any Stonehaven businesses interested in taking part?  If so, sign up on the scheme website  and let the Business Association know what we can do to support you.